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Torque Converters: A Key Performance Part

Most car owners don’t think much about their automatic transmission. They shift appropriately, add fluid when it gets low, and replace it when it breaks. The problem with autormatic transmissions, though, is that because they must change gears mechanically, the transmission is very dependent on the torque converter, which converts the power of the engine to something that the automatic transmission can handle. A defective or ineffective converter will cause a significant loss in power. Every good torque converter manufacturer knows this, and torque converter manufacturing has improved by leaps and bounds in the past 100 years, but neglect and lack of care by owners still causes these converters to become worn, inefficient, and defective.

The unique thing about torque converters is that they are fluid couplings. This means that they are hydrodynamic in nature and use fluid pressure and power instead of mechanical gears to transfer energy from the motor to the drive shaft. Torque converter manufacturing is thus very dependent on pressure. Every good Torque converter manufacturer know this, and design their machines accordingly, but poor care can cause this pressure to be lost. Over time, this loss of pressure leads to a loss in efficiency, and soon the smooth shifting and power transfer can be lost or negated entirely.

Torque converter manufacturing also extends to devices commonly used in farming and heavy industry, where the shock-shifting of gearboxes would be inadequate. Therefore a torque converter manufacturer may find themselves neecing to make a device capable of converting power from many kinds of engines. This increases the complexity and makes the devices more prone to wear or breakage if they have not been properly optimized.

One of the best ways to return efficiency to an old engine is to repair or replace the torque converter. When the torque converters inner parts become worn down it starts to lose efficiency, with our in-shop tools we are able to open up the converters, replace the worn out part and seal the converter back up. Generally buying new factory torque converters is very expensive and sometimes not even an option for your vehicle. Our re-manufactured torque converters are every bit as good as the factory ones and will save you money. We stock most of the common converter in our parts warehouse, Idaho Transmission Warehouse. We also do custom jobs for performance and industrial vehicles. Come in today and see how we can get your vehicle back to its optimal performance!